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Instant Kava


Real Super Instant Kava  is made from 100% dehydrated Vanuatu Kava juice in a carefully controlled process to preserve the potency of the kavalactones.  It is then milled in to a micronized powder for ease of use.  The result of this process is a potent concentrated micronized Kava powder that is approximately 3 times as potent as high  quality Vanuatu Kava root powder.  So, for a single serving just mix only one tablespoon (5-10 grams)  in water or your  favorite juice, etc. and get ready to relax!  Our Super Instant Kava is quick and easy and requires no blending or processing (pressing.squeezing) to make your favorite Kava drink.  

Make sure when you buy instant kava that it's made from 100% dehydrated kava juice and that it not a fake instant kava made from micronized kava root powder, which won't dissolve in water.

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