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Super Instant Kava

Most Potent True Instant Kava on the market.  We offer two Instant Kava Powders for your enjoyment. A Super Instant and a Super Waka Grade Instant Kava.  Both our Instant Kava's are very potent, but the Waka Grade Instant Kava is made strickly from mature lateral Vanuatu Kava roots so nothing else can surpass its potency.  

Our instant Kava is made from 100% dried Kava juice made from mature Vanuatu Kava roots using a special control process to preserve the potency of the Kavalactones. It takes approximately 30 kgs. of green roots to make 1 kilo of our Super Instant Kava. By far this is the best quality instant Kava available on the market today. Real instant Kava easily disolves in water or your favorite beverage. Be careful of other instant Kava which is simply micronzied kava root powder and does not absorb liquids and is not nearly as potent.  

If you have not tried instant Kava and you are tired of making traditional kava tea then you will be amazed at the quality and how easy, quick and simple to make, especially for those on the go. Just mix 5 to 10 grams with water, juice or your favorite beverage (no alcohol) you will instantly feel the strength, smoothness, relaxation and calming affects of the King of Kava, Vanuatu Kava.

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